Outsourcing, subcontracting, co-development, partnership… whatever your preferred model is, we can supply you with the resources you need to make good games. We are your one-stop boutique game studio.

Our team of 20 developers and designers specializes in projects that range from mobile games, playable ads and Messenger instant games to military training simulators in VR. We most often utilize Unity and HTML5 but not exclusively.

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We really love working with you!

– Roy Shtoyer, Studio Manager / CrazyLabs

  • Boom Karts

  • Rambo: Last Click

  • Slippery Slides

  • Zombie Fall 3D

  • Street Wash

  • Wobbly Skate

  • Karhu ja Kettu (sámi interactive storybook)

  • Pedar Jalvi